Alane (AJ) Millions is an EponaQuest (LLC) Horse Facilitated Learning Teacher with an extensive horse and human background, both nationally and internationally.  Having trained with Linda Kohanov, author of ‘The Power of the Herd’, she now offers life changing Horse Facilitated Learning (HFL) programs in a variety of settings.  

Grounded in 30+ years of acquired skills as well as a depth of experiential learning, she facilitates the ‘dance’ between horse and human.  AJ combines horse wisdom with common sense and has an absolute passion for supporting people to expand the quality of their lives and extends the ‘open gate’ policy to anyone who has come through her gate; as they can return to re-connect with the horse herd when they feel the need to.  


Having been mentored by Graeme and Gayle O’Brien of Phoenix Rising (Gold Coast) in the human arena and trained with Ray Hunt, Pat Parelli, Bryan Neubert, Wayne Anderson, Peter Campbell and Steve Jefferies in the horse arena, and Raymond White in the cattle corral, she delivers powerful, tangible and transformative programs while maintaining the integrity and wellbeing of the horse herd. 





As a native Canadian, AJ was custodian of a 6,000 acre ranch with 150 head of cattle and horses.  She also worked as a large animal veterinary assistant, was instrumental in exporting 240 quality ostriches to Australia and delivered horse programs in Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge, a correctional facility for First Nations women in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Since immigrating to Australia, AJ has lived on the land of both New South Wales and Queensland, raising children, ostriches, emus, cattle, goats, sheep and horses. After co-owning and operating a Wellbeing Centre for 6 years, AJ has been sole proprietor of ‘Leading the Way International’ supporting schools and at risk youth on the Sunshine Coast since 2012.  Along with her ‘Masters’ in Common Sense, AJ also has a Diploma in Community Services.


AJ, the horses and their extended team of humans have diverse backgrounds and experiences, ‘Leading the Way International’ offers unique, tailored programs to people of all ages and abilities and welcomes anyone who holds an interest and desire to co-exist amongst the herd and learn skills that will see them through their lives. 

"Grounded in 30+ years of acquired skills"
Okimaw Ohci  Cree  
Correctional Facility
Horse Programs

Sunshine Coast Hinterland -

35 min from Noosa, Qld. 

31 Browns Rd.

Belli Park, Qld. Australia




Australia: (07) 54470814


The Team

Amy Wilson



A writer, lover, mother, inquirer and connector.  Ive loved horses since I was put on one's back before I could walk by my grandmother.  I see the value of animal communication and how we can learn a lot from them.  With over a decade of working with youth in arts programs and the community sector, I meet people where they are at and enjoy in engaging in creative, experiential solutions to life's knotty challenges.  A life long learner, I am currently working towards my psychologist registration, hoping to combine my passion for the arts, mindfulness, meditation, healing powers of the outdoors and animals into a purposeful avenue to connect with people and their mental wellbeing. It is about finding a holistic approach to living our best integrated life.  


Claire Meraki

I am greatly inspired by the potential of the horse- human connection, and love to help people blossom! I deeply love this work, and have seen profound change happen (gently and joyously) time and again.

I have been with Leading the Way International since 2017. I both assist and lead the Level 1 program Foundations for the Future, All- abilities, and other day programs. I run the Level 2 program, "The Gift of Riding".

I've worked with horses for many years in my own business, Dance as One Equestrian. I also see clients in my private wellness practice Health and Happiness Maleny. I am blessed to live on my own 4½ acres of permaculture paradise with my husband, son, horses, and extended animal family.

I hold a BSc (UQ), am an Equestrian Australia qualified coach, a Kinesiologist, Intuitive, and Yoga teacher. 

I look forward to meeting you!


Courtney Brown

Master of Science - Marriage, Family & Couples Therapy. 

Special Focus - Play Therapy. Outdoor Environmental Education & Leadership. 

Bachelor of Science - Exercise Science & Sport. Minors - Environmental Science & Spanish. 

Tai Chi/Chee Kung (Deep Breathing) & Movement Meditation Instructor 16 years 

Brain & Body Education Instructor - yoga, pilates, energy principles, meditation, stretching - 1 year

Facilitate Conscious Kids Academy Horse Wisdom Programs - children, youth & families.

Home School/Unschool family - daughter & son


Married to a New Zealander. Family business owners. 

Live half of the year in Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia facilitating horse programs. The other half of the year living in Bay of Islands, New Zealand in an 1840's cottage hosting home-stays & teaching sustainable permaculture lifestyle.


Piper Grant

Piper Grant, our youngest facilitator, works independently and along side Alane Millions and Courtney Ward Brown, her mother. 


She lives half the year in Australia and half the year in New Zealand. While in Australia, Piper and her family reside on the Sunshine Coast at the Leading The Way International property.  Being homeschooled allows for Piper to add to her horse knowledge and support in other programs that are being offered.  


She runs programs for children ages 9-14 and leads them through Level 1 to Level 3. 


Her goal is to inspire children and to help all kinds of youth learn about Horse Wisdom for Everyday Life.  Piper wishes for adults to become more open to listening to children and the thoughts and ideas they have. 


Korin Kilgore

Korin  has been supporting in programs for several years. She has an amazing empathy that others feel deeply and she is an inspiration to others.  

1. DO I NEED EXPERIENCE WITH HORSES? No horse experience is necessary.  
2. WHAT AGE OF PARTICIPANT DO YOU WORK WITH? From age 1 to 99. Unfortunately we are not set up for pysically challenged participants. 
3. WHAT IF I HAVE A FEAR OF HORSES? We can support you with your fear of horses at your pace, in your way, in your time to work on this issue. 
4. WHAT SIZE GROUP DO YOU WORK WITH? Groups as small as 4 participants or as large 12. 
5. DO WE RIDE THE HORSES?  The workshops are done on the ground, no riding.   If you need support with horse riding issues or horse problems please contact AJ and discuss your particular needs.  
6.  WHAT DO I WEAR FOR PROPER ATTIRE? Closed toed shoes are proper footwear; a hat is necessary and sunscreen if desired.  
7.  WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM A WORKSHOP?  You can expect to expand the quality of your life through horse wisdom, you can expect to be AMAZED !