community programs

ACE - (Adverse Childhood Experiences)   Reclaiming Ourselves 

Understand just how ACEs can effect your life, both mentally and physically and learn steps to making significant changes. 


Second Wind - Understanding & Healing Domestic Violence 

This program is designed for supporting the offenders of domestic violence.  Our strong team of horses can support people with moving through the toxicity of violence.  With the strength of the stallions, and the wisdom of the lead mare, clients can not help but make changes in their perceptions and actions.  


Caring for the Care Takers - Re-fill Your Cup  

Caretakers are often the ones who need the most care and never seem to stop long enough to receive it.  This beautiful, nurturing program gives the caretaker permission to stop and be cared for, to receive.  A small, intimate group provides a nurturing space.