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 ~ measurable and enduring life skills learned in an experiential and educational environment ~




"I really believe this program helped me and can help others.  When I was first invited to the equine therapy I was skeptical, I had spent years in and out of therapies, none of it had worked so how could some mumbo jumbo horse therapy help?  But it really, really did, I agreed to go even though I was skeptical because I wasn't going to miss out on the opportunity to take a day off school.  


The first visit was really nice, everyone was lovely, positive and the property was beautiful, but I still help onto my whole negative, skeptical mind set.  It wasn't until the 3rd visit that I really let go of that and starting taking things on board.  Once this happened I really started to learn.  I realized that I am responsible for how I feel and more importantly I can control it.  I learned about how to put up boundaries and let people in or push them away if I need to, I learned about my brain and why it works in the way it does and how to change the way it works if its not doing what I want it to.  


I could go on and on for ages about everything I learned, but I won't bore you.  To sum it up, I now have a better relationship with my family, friends and myself.  Words can't express how grateful I am for the opportunity.  Thank you AJ, Kerry and Paula and everyone else involved in the program.  I hope this program can be available to other kids because I really do think it can help." Serifina - Student




" This course challenged my programming of controlling and dominating through physical power and verbal toughness which I learned and practiced for 6 decades. The horse is a great teacher that those old techniques are not productive with them or in other relationships in my life. Progress is ongoing as this course provides a lasting positive experience delivered by Alane who walks her talk." Ralph V.W. Canada 



"When I first met Alane at a horse workshop, I thought to myself, 'now there's a lady I can look up to'!  Thank you Alane, and your beautiful herd of horses, for being so real, genuine, solid, respectful, considerate, patient, attentive, insightful and nurturing while facilitating a spectacular mother-daughter experience.  It was transformative and pivotal.  We both felt a life long seed was planted of knowledge, wisdom, truth and love."  Courtney, New Zealand  


"Alane is compassionate and passionate towards her vocation. Her life experiences and vast knowledge and training in her chosen self driven vocation would support people and they can be assured of positive and powerful results in their search for growth and evolution..Alane is Awesome!" Sonya L. Queensland 



Testimony: ‘Foundations for the Future Program’                                                     


I had the pleasure of working with Alane Millions, founder of Leading The Way International, an experiential horse facilitated learning centre, through the delivery of Alane’s Foundations For The Future program. This program was delivered to a small group of 8 students from Noosa District SHS, over an intensive eight week period, in which students attended the centre every Thursday.


The focus of the program was for participants to develop leadership skills, resiliency and empathy, while improving their communication and coping strategies. The program’s foundations was facilitated through horse and student interaction with ‘on the ground’ processes, rather than riding. In this way students were able to self-discover, through their communication with the horses and the horse’s response to the interaction.


I would highly recommend Foundations for the Future as a meaningful program to help equip students with the necessary skills to deal with life’s challenges as a teenager. Feedback from participants was extremely positive, evidenced through student attendance, engagement and interaction with the horses. A number of participants were fearful of horses coming into the program but on the final day were leading the horses around the paddock, directing the horse to move from a walk to a trot. This experience was very powerful to watch as an onlooker and very emotive and meaningful for the students involved.


As the program facilitator, Alane Millions brings a wealth of knowledge and professionalism. Her empathy, passion and warmth is at the heart of the program delivery, ensuring students felt a sense of connection and trust within the small group setting. In this way, participant’s felt they were being heard and understood.


I would certainly utilize  Leading the Way International again and wish Alane further successes with program delivery and continued positive participant outcomes.  Jodie, School Counselor Qld.



"On Sunday I attended this workshop not really knowing what to expect so no way could i be disappointed. But very much to my amazement it was fantastic. I met new people and we shared lots of experiences together, which was quite brave for us all.


We acknowledged our past arrived at the present and found new skills for the future. Alane is such an amazing person, and for me who is not really a horse person, I cant explain the most inner feeling I felt when in the ring with this magnificent beast. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to get more peace and fulfilment in there lives. Lastly thank you to all the lovely people I met hope we will meet again, will never forget you all."

Carole Qld.


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